Gulun Kungfu

Gulun Kungfu is both an historical account of the heritage of the relatively unknown Gulun Kungfu style of kungfu and a detailed explanation (with photographs) of its kungfu forms and their relevance to everyday life. Many kungfu students will have heard of Master Wu Gulun who escaped from the Shaolin Temple when it was so tragically destroyed in 1928. The knowledge that Master Wu Gulun carried with him has been handed down through the family to his great-great-grandson, Master Wu NanFang, who would like to make this heritage available to people in China and in countries around the world.

Master Wu NanFang, who was born in Henan Province, China in 1962, is now teaching Gulun Kungfu at his Academy in the foothills of Song Mountain, just outside of Dengfeng, Henan Province. The Gulun Kungfu heritage has remained pure and unchanged through these 150 years and, of all kungfu styles, most closely resembles the original, traditional Shaolin kungfu.

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